Alpha Dog Club - Richmond, VA

What Is Alpha Dog Club?

ADC is a swimming and fitness facility for dogs, as well as a provider of ancillary holistic canine education and health services. ADC has the only indoor, heated, saline swimming pool in central Virginia available to dogs for recreation, fitness, pre- and post-rehab, and weight management. We do not offer veterinary, grooming, training, kennel, or boarding services; but we welcome referrals from these professionals.

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Latest News & Events


    Alpha Dog Club supports National Pet Cancer Awareness Month by doing a week-long SWIM-A-THON to benefit FETCH A CURE on November 10-16th. […]

  • Black Dog Syndrome

    Black Dog Syndrome applies to both dogs and cats. Whether it’s a stray dog, a new pup or kitten, color does matter […]

  • Oldest Dog Cancer is Infectious

    The oldest, most widespread and prolific cancer known in nature is Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor (CTVT). Thousands of years ago a single […]

  • Dog Personality Test

    Rachel Feltman of The Washington Post reports that research from the University of Sydney shows dogs can be optimistic or pessimistic; like […]

  • Crooks Faked Out by Fake Dog

    The police chased two convicted felons, wanted for car theft, but the criminals ran into a home creating a standoff situation. When […]

  • Do You Make Your Dog Yawn?

    Research proves that if dogs see someone yawning a lot that they will join in and begin yawning themselves. The University of […]

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