Alpha Dog Club - Richmond, VA

Alpha Dog Club is a swimming and fitness facility for dogs, as well as a provider of ancillary holistic canine education and health services. ADC has the only indoor, heated, saline swimming pool in central Virginia available to dogs for recreation, fitness, pre- and post-rehab, and weight management. We do not offer veterinary, grooming, training, kennel, or boarding services; but we welcome referrals from these professionals.

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Private Swims By Appointment

Monday 10am-9pm
Tuesday - By Appointment
Wednesday 2pm-7pm   Saturday 9am-6pm
Thursday 2pm-9pm   Sunday10am-5:30pm
Friday 10am-6pm

Pool Buddies Swims

Monday 11am-12pm
Wednesday 2pm-3pm
Friday 2pm-3pm
Sunday 12pm-1pm