Alpha Dog Club - Richmond, VA


Dog Video To Make You Smile

We’re saving rescue and shelters dogs…
one lap at a time.
Come to Alpha Dog Club to see reactive, shy, emotionally troubled, and recovering from injury dogs transform and blossom with swimming. These are the dogs selected as “most in need” by rescue groups and shelters. Come watch, and root them on.
• Mondays: Richmond Animal Care & Control, Sanctuary Rescue (RACC)
• Wednesdays: Houlagan’s Rest
• Fridays: Bandits Animal Rescue fo K9s (BARK)


Richmond’s ONLY dog swim center with a private, indoor, heated, saline, ramped pool. Great for HIGH ENERGY DOGS, FITNESS & WEIGHT LOSS, PRE & POST REHAB, SENIOR & DISABLED DOGS, WATER WARY DOGS.

Alpha Dog Club offers 3 alternatives:
• Private swims (not a class or herding a bunch of dogs into the water from the side) with an instructor.
• Private swims with their owner or
dog walker/pet sitter.

We provide everything…
• Towels
• Waterproof dog toys
• Float coats of ALL sizes
• Dog Swim Instructors who go in the water
• Climate comfort for you and your dog year-round



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Private Swims By Appointment

Monday 10am-6pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 1pm-7pm   Saturday 9am-6pm
Thursday 12pm-9pm   Sunday 10am-5:30pm
Friday 10am-6pm