Swimming | Alpha Dog Club


ADC offers fitness and recreational swimming for canines. All dogs go through our Introduction Swim for an evaluation with a swim instructor. Our goal is for your dog to be able to swim unassisted.  ALL dogs are required to go through our Introduction Swim for an evaluation with a swim instructor.  ALL dogs use float coats during these sessions (no exceptions) so we can use a lead to “ramp train” and maneuver dogs in the pool.  Owners do not go into the pool but are an active part of the session by using “come” commands and coaching their dog.

We cannot guarantee results during lessons. We want dogs to become familiar and comfortable in the water and with swimming AND have fun.  Dogs learn and adapt to the water at their own pace. Therefore, we work with dogs individually and want your dog to have a positive experience.

The buoyancy of water allows dogs to swim without the pain and pounding of walking, running, or jumping. Swimming  is great for weight loss, hip dysplasia, spinal disk/nerve damage, arthritis, paralysis, and post-rehab. Please consult with your veterinarian before scheduling an appointment if you have any concerns.

Swimming may not be appropriate if you dog has: heart or respiratory conditions, suffers from seizures, endocrine diseases, a wound or infection, fecal incontinence, recently had inoculations, or any topical/oil treatments. For your dog’s welfare, and the safety of other dogs, we urge you to consult with your veterinarian about these conditions.

We Offer…

  • Introduction/Evaluation to Swimming-Half hour swimming, exclusive pool use, evaluation and assessment. All dogs go through an introduction swim.  Dogs wear a float coat regardless of the dog’s swimming ability.
  • Assisted Swims -Half hour or an hour follow-up swim, exclusive pool use, for dogs that need to continue with swim training.
  • Unassisted Swims -Half hour or an hour of swimming for dogs, exclusive pool use.
  • Pool Buddies -Fun, frolic, dogs have a party, with dogs sharing the pool.  No reservations.

Cancellation Policy – All cancellations must be made within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. ADC reserves the right to charge for missed appointments.