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Client Testimonials


“I just wanted to say thanks for the service you provide at Alpha Dog Club. Our Bernese Mountain Dog, Porter, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and we were told that swimming was the best exercise. We were concerned because Porter was afraid of the water. His first visit went much like we expected with your swim instructor having to literally drag him into the pool. I wasn’t sure if he would take to the water but towards the end of his first visit he was going in willingly. Since then we can’t get him out of the water. We just bought the 10 pack of unassisted swims and plan to bring him in weekly for exercise. Thank you so much. We are glad to have found a place like yours to get Porter the exercise he needs to help offset his dysplasia!”


“It brings me so much joy to see my shy male Doberman swim! I have Alpha Dog Club to thank for turning him into a smooth swimmer. The silly boy splashed a lot in the beginning and failed to use his rear legs. Now, there is no hesitation diving in and swimming with ease from one ramp to the other. At the end of every swim session, he has a smile on his face and a bit more confidence. It just makes my heart sing!”


“Awesome place to bring your dog for great exercise and great staff to help out!!!”


“Morgan swam with her Alpha Dog Club fitness instructor today. She loves her swim buddies at ADC and has taken to swimming like a duck takes to water! Hard to believe that just three months ago she was shot multiple times and left to die. Thank you ADC for giving Morgan this golden opportunity to rehabilitate between surgeries.”


“Great to have a facility in Richmond. I usually have to drive to Rockville for swimming! My lab Jazz will love it.”


“Great, clean facility with helpful, caring staff! Our swim instructor ROCKS!”


“Thank you  everyone at Alpha Dog Club for helping Tillie with her hip surgery rehab! She is doing so much better thanks to your patience and excellent swim instruction! She has sure come a long way from the scared dog that started swimming there a few weeks ago!”


“I have taken my dog twice so far and she is getting much more comfortable. This is great exercise and good therapy. The staff have been great so far.”


“What a wonderful service I have discovered in Alpha Dog Club. I take my Giant Schnauzer, Bailey, there to swim, twice a week.  He liked it so much I followed up with another and now we swim two times a week.”